We offer a wide range of services from software to hardware

We provide a wide range of products from software to hardware. We propose, design, and create programs and devices required for business systems, systems for general use, and embedded systems.
We can also develop applications for smartphones. We do all the development necessary for the practical application of systems.


We provide contract development of software and systems. We can propose, design, and develop all aspects of the project.

R & D

We can help you with research and development. If we don't have the tools you need, we will also create them and give them to you.

Becoming faster

Programs are accelerated by reviewing the source code and parallelization. Computation time can be reduced to 1/1000.

Application Development

We have experience developing applications for a wide range of platforms including Windows, Linux, and MacOS. We also develop applications for smartphones.

Signal processing

Regardless of the platform, we can develop sound-related effects and signal processing engines.

Embedded Firmware

We develop software for embedded systems. If necessary, we also design and implement hardware.


Telemetry systems for factories BMKero(Effects) Music application engine Medical Web System

Hardware development and IoT

We also develop hardware for embedded development.

Device development

If there is no off-the-shelf product that satisfies the required functionality, we will even develop a device for you.

Specification Development
Component Selection
Circuit design
Board design
Component mounting
Chassis design
Quality Control

We perform all of the above processes We develop our own products, but we can also undertake contract development We can handle both functional prototyping and mass production prototyping


We develop software required for embedded systems. We can also test functions that already exist.

Robot development

We develop small robots. We are also developing medium-sized AGVs.


We developed small robots.
- Compact and lightweight 7-axis robot arm
- Compact and lightweight Mecanum wheeled cart robot
We have experience in the development of such products as
In the case of functional prototyping in service commercialization or in R&D, customization is usually required. customization is usually required.
If you cannot find a suitable product in our existing products, please feel free to contact us.

Molecular Simulation

We will provide thorough support until molecular simulation can be used as a tool.

For those who only want calculation results

We will interview you about the details of your calculations, perform the calculations, and provide you with the results. There is no need to purchase a calculator or software. We also provide consulting services to those who want to use the calculator as a tool. If you want to use it as a tool, we will provide consulting services and help you build an appropriate calculation environment. We will help you set up and create samples, and give you lectures on how to actually use the software.

Those who want it as a tool.

We provide consulting services to help you build an appropriate computing environment. We will help you set up, create samples, and give you lectures on how to use the system.

In some cases, existing packaged programs do not provide sufficient functionality. In this case, we can develop software to supplement this. This allows for more efficient and original research and development.